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Bottom Pouring Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
At Power Tech Industries India, we provide you the complete Jewellery tools, Jewelery machinery Goldsmith supplies for the Lost Wax Casting process.  We manufacture the goldsmith equipment for the casting houses engaged the manufacturing of Jewelry of Silver, gold, Platinum & Precious Metal.  

Lost Wax Casting is a method investigated before thousands of years, from sand and clay casting to investment castings.  The lost wax casting process is a reliable and cost efficient method of manufacturing and creating jewelry.  Investment casting is used with almost any castable metal, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper alloys and Aluminium alloys are the most common. 

At Power Tech Industries Rajkot We Deal in wax working products, carving waxes for producing wax models, injection waxes, mold making products including mold rubber, silicone mold rubber, Natural mold rubber, wax for preparing Wax Tree which later converted in silver tree or gold tree or platinum tree, mold frames, Vacuum Pump, crucibles (moos) for melting and casting, Stopper rod, flasks and Investment powders for the vacuum and centrifugal casting systems.

Silversmith / Goldsmith Machinery related to the lost wax production, at Power Tech Industries India, we believe that this is the most important aspect of Jewellery manufacturing.  We Produce range of Silver / Gold Casting Machines, Electric Vulcanisers, Wax Injectors, and Vacuum Pressure Casting machines for Platinum, Gold,Silver & other Precious Metal. In addition to Centrifugal casting machine a full range of Burnout Ovens and Rotating Furnaces, Vulcanizers, Vacuum Investing Equipment, Investment removal Machines and related casting Machines, Gold Casting consumable are available with us.
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